No one can ever understand how pissed off & closed off I feel, the one person I want to talk to in the whole world disregards me like I’m shit.

Ethiopia was AMAZING.

No one understands how much I missed tfl rts.

Enroute London boy.

Don’t lie, my drinks buff.😏

What do you do when you know the person you love doesn’t even acknowledge your existence anymore.

I hate bitchy teachers ffs.

One way system.

Funny how we pray to God whilst tryna get hella rich.🎢

If you ain’t talking money; that’s a dead language.🎢

Anywhere we go, they gotta turn the cameras on.🎢πŸ’₯

How they gunna call my name with no credit?🎢

Saying they want I, but they aint got my vision.

W/this lil cutie Praise.😘